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It’s dark and creepy ... not the kind of night to be  lurking in a sematary, but that’s where you are!

This is a tribute to the awesome USBORNE code listed game books of the 80s, particularly Grave Digger, by Alan Ramsey, published on Creepy Computer Games. It also praises the superb artistic talent of Rob McCaig, author of the said book´s illustrations. Thank you chaps for your work contributed into making me what I am.

Grave Digger Ex is a turn-based strategy game where you have to escape the sematary unscared. While doing so,  vandalize tombs and disturb the undead as they might still be carrying values, but beware of time, find the gate key and run before it´s too late. Your trusty shovel can break tombs, hit the undead and dig holes, use it very wisely.

Game Play:

Notable Features:

  • Super tense soundtracks by Gundatsch https://soundcloud.com/gundatsch
  • Eternal amounts of procedurally generated Semataries
  • 19 unique red shirt/blue jeans zombies (if the Hulk can,  so can we)
  • 4 peace of mind restoring potions
  • 5 infamous treasures to be found
  • No hud, life measured by player´s stress animation
  • Ability to dig 6 holes
  • Ability to hit zombies and cause chain-bounce-back dominoes
  • Game powered by the marvelous GLBasic, check it out here:


A - hold to withdraw shovel + directions to dig and hit
B - skip turn
Directions - move
Z - hold to withdraw shovel + arrows to dig and hit
X - skip turn
Arrows - move
Esc - Return to title / Quit


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:



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Hello, I find this game because I am looking for BASIC's information on Itch! I notice that six games were made by you and actually, all these six games look professional! Good job!!

I notice a sentence "Game powered by the marvelous GLBasic," on this webpage. You used "marvelous" to describe GLBasic and the adjective makes me quite curious about GLBasic. I am the host of the jam. You are welcome to join it! I hope that you will join it and other people will see the full potential of GLBasic, sure.

Thanks for the offer and sorry it took quite a while to answer. I'm a bit tight on time to take in a JAM, most of the available free time is going towards building a new game. :)

Hello.........no problem.....

I wish you the best. Im currently working on a dragon/coco game in basic :) using disk extended color basic.if you are interested. Check here;