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Hello, I find this game because I am looking for BASIC's information on Itch! I notice that six games were made by you and actually, all these six games look professional! Good job!!

I notice a sentence "Game powered by the marvelous GLBasic," on this webpage. You used "marvelous" to describe GLBasic and the adjective makes me quite curious about GLBasic. I am the host of the jam. You are welcome to join it! I hope that you will join it and other people will see the full potential of GLBasic, sure.

Thanks for the offer and sorry it took quite a while to answer. I'm a bit tight on time to take in a JAM, most of the available free time is going towards building a new game. :) problem.....

I wish you the best. Im currently working on a dragon/coco game in basic :) using disk extended color basic.if you are interested. Check here;